Overview of the new car warranty

Nissan Vietnam, from now on please be referred to as the “Nissan”, ensure that the specified time period or a certain number of kilometers, as shown in the “new car warranty period”, Nissan will repair or free replacement of any spare parts on the car are confirmed to be damaged by material or skill level, except for the items listed under “what is not covered under warranty” and correspond to the time and conditions in the new car warranty policies of Nissan.

NISSAN new vehicle warranty

To help customers peace of mind as well as the pleasant experience when driving, Nissan ensure the operation of vehicles in certain conditions. We would like to introduce the policy brief on Nissan’s new vehicle warranty with the desire to benefit customers.

** The warranty period for new cars is 36 months or 100,000 km (60,000 miles), whichever comes first. New car warranty covers all parts and parts of the new car is powered by NISSAN NISSAN except tires and items listed under “What is not covered under warranty,” this page

For batteries, tuning and conditioning recharging station, the warranty period will be different than new car warranty. The specific contents will be mentioned in the “Things you should know about the new car warranty policies NISSAN” is shown below:

Things you should know about the new car warranty policies NISSAN

1. The adjustment occasional adjustments associated with the replacement parts are warranted for the first 12 months irrespective of the number of kilometers traveled.

2. Parts Air Station’s original air conditioning system installed on new vehicles under warranty as the new car warranty, 36 month or 100,000 km (60,000 miles). . However, the air recharge station regarding the repair or replacement of parts warranty conditioning will be warranted for the first 12 months, irrespective of the number of kilometers traveled.

3. Battery original warranty period is 12 months or 20,000 km (12,000 miles), whichever comes first.

4. Inspection Service before delivery vehicles (PDI) To help you fully satisfied with the new car, the car was inspected comply entire inspection process for new vehicles NISSAN.

5. Service maintenance routine maintenance and proper care of the vehicle is essential for driving safety and reduce vehicle operating costs. The routine maintenance required is minimal and should be done in an active way in the first place. May require additional maintenance services due to weather conditions and atmospheric pressure, changing roads, usage and driving habits of individuals contributed greatly to the need for vehicle maintenance . Any damage or errors caused by lack of maintenance or incorrect maintenance will void the warranty.

6. Dealer maintenance and repair services You should free maintenance, periodic maintenance and warranty service is performed by the sales agent where you bought the car NISSAN car, so that agents get benefits directly if you feel satisfied.

7. The scope of application of this warranty policy applies to vehicles registered NISSAN and function normally within the country where the car is sold for the first time. This warranty policy is applied to the first customer owned vehicles as well as customer acquisition vehicle within the warranty period.

8. Warranty Service temporarily If you use the car abroad and and damage occurs to the vehicle NISSAN, contact your NISSAN dealer of that country. Warranty service will provide you with a temporary form set forth in this book. However, keep in mind that any damage related to the lack of respect the rules or requirements of the country environment will void the warranty.

9. Driving abroad NISSAN cars built to meet regulatory and environmental requirements of the country in which the vehicle was first sold NISSAN. In case you moved to another country and brought the car to follow, the vehicle can not meet regulatory and environmental requirements of that country. It will be very difficult to change or repair the car to fit the regulations of the country you go to. Moreover, even if you bring your car to overseas NISSAN dealer for repairs, spare parts needed for the repairs may not be available at dealers, for dealers in this country can have the model or the different specifications. So very difficult to repair in that country. Keep in mind that the car is put into foreign NISSAN will void the warranty.