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Group Maintenance Questions

Book “Guide” and “Book warranty & maintenance tracking” details about the types of maintenance intervals and periodically need maintenance xe.Hoac you can click on the “Service” of this site to decide what kind of maintenance that need for your car.

You should call the dealer of Nissan, even you are not sure that the car may need maintenance or electrical khong.Mot simple call will help you avoid the high cost and inconvenience later.

Always ask collision of Nissan Parts to ensure your vehicle operates at best.

Please contact your nearest Nissan dealer and ask the agent provides an additional new key.

Guide books always come with new Nissan cars, therefore you contact your Nissan dealer deliveries for you to get the book Guide consistent hop.Trong case you acquired the vehicle from other owners, you should ask them about the book this guide.

Typically, Dealers Nissan will notify you by phone, email or send you card “Prompt maintenance” after your car maintenance at the Nissan dealer.

Yes, this is very essential to keep your car in good condition nhat.Ban see the “daily maintenance” in the “Maintenance” section of this website for more details.

Groups Warranty Questions

When starting the vehicle warranty period Nisan?

The warranty period is counted from the day the car was delivered to the first owner bought the car, or the beginning of use, whichever comes first.

Nissan warranty how long and what the warranty?

The warranty period for new Nissan vehicles is 36 months or 100,000 km (60,000 miles), depending on operating conditions to truoc.Bao new vehicle includes all the details and the new Nissan car parts except tires and items listed under “what is not warranted” in the “maintenance” section of this page.

There are deductions (exemption) when vehicle warranty repair?

Sled get warranty?

Car rental costs have not been reimbursed?

Who will determine whether repair my vehicle warranty does not?

I get reimbursed for repairs performed at dealers not authorized?

Routine maintenance may be warranted does not?

I can modify the vehicle or add accessories not genuine Nissan not?

I lost the book told could i do not reapply another book?

Warranty battery like?

Warranty tires like?